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The Best Newborn Photography Portfolio Examples of 2023

Whether you already have a newborn photography website or are building one from scratch, it’s always worthwhile to look at other inspiring portfolios and get ideas for your own. As a best practice, we recommend reviewing your site at least 1-2 times each year to see what content or design might need to be refreshed. We’ve done the hard part for you by collecting timeless and modern newborn photography portfolio examples that you can click through for inspiration; you’re sure to find some fresh ideas for how you can design your own.

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Amy Helt Photography

Amy Helt is a Madison, WI area photographer who specializes in newborns, maternity, weddings, and seniors. A former OB nurse, she started her photography business in 2012 and launched it full time in 2019, alongside her new home studio space chock full of gorgeous props. Amy’s images reflect her joy in building connections with people and her skill at creating a safe space where clients can feel relaxed and have fun. She has a passion for capturing “the good stuff”; little details that show how quickly a baby is growing, and stolen smiles or silly laughs between a couple or family.

Stephanie Michelle Photography

Stephanie Schnautz is a wife, mother, flight attendant, and photographer based in San Diego, CA. Specializing in newborn and wedding photography, Stephanie excels at capturing natural expressions and genuine moments between loved ones. She has a passion for creating timeless portraits that inspire joyful smiles from her clients, even years later. Stephanie believes that a portrait is more than just a picture, it is a memory turned into art; nothing makes her happier than seeing her work on the walls of her clients.

Riley Kai Photography

Riley Glenn of Riley Kai Photography is based in San Diego, CA and specializes in modern newborn portraiture. Her passions for photography started in high school and inspired her to earn her B.A. in Media at UC San Diego in 2021. After working in a retail studio during college, her passion for newborn photography grew to serve clients with higher quality and creative images. She caters to busy mothers by doing in-home sessions. She also photographs dance performances and enjoys delivering her artistic images to her volume clients.

Johana Choi Photo

Johana Choi is a Chicago, IL based photographer specializing in newborns, maternity, and families. Her passion is to document people’s journeys and milestones through photography. Her style utilizes organic poses and natural light that result in images that are bright, airy, timeless, and spontaneous. Together with her husband and studio manager, they inspire trust and confidence from their clients and find joy in being welcomed into intimate family moments and milestones to create lasting family heirlooms.

Into the Green

Karolina Talaga of Into The Green is a newborn, family, and children’s portrait photographer based in Berkshire, U.K. Karolina’s explorations of the local nature reserves and beautiful woods with her children provide ample location scouting for her local client sessions. She specializes in relaxed, natural sessions focusing on connection, joy, and capturing the genuine raw emotions of people’s interactions.

Heather Holden Photography

Heather Holden is a photographer based in Leeds, UK who has been specializing in newborn, children, and family portraiture for over 12 years. Her aim in every session is to produce images which capture the character of her clients. Rather than posing newborns or getting children to sit and smile for the camera, she prefers to blend a lifestyle and documentary approach; photographing clients in familiar surroundings whilst at play or doing something they really enjoy. Heather’s style is very natural and she strives to capture true, honest photos within the home or a favorite outdoor environment, just as she did with her own children.

Check Out The Best Newborn Photography Portfolio Examples of 2023

Newborn Photography Ideas

Newborn photography is about capturing the very early stages of a child’s life to look back on for years to come. And in order to provide a hassle-free and enjoyable photo session, you need distinct newborn photography ideas. Keep reading to find various newborn photography ideas for your next photoshoot. Let’s get into it. 

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Black and White Newborn Photography 

Colors are great and can communicate a lot of emotion, but nothing beats classic black and white newborn photography to emphasize simplicity with beautiful tones and shapes. Moreover, black and white photos are superb for newborns irrespective of skin tone. 

Most parents also love to have a black and white portrait of their babies and we think it should be one of the top newborn photography ideas you try out. And you can go the extra mile, using color grading to create different exquisite monochrome images for your clients, such as sepia, or selenium toned images.


Newborn Composite Photography

Many newborn photos are composites of multiple images combined in a photo editing app. One example is a newborn on a suspended cloth or sling.

To create such an image, you need to photograph the baby in the desired position with adequate support from an assistant or parent. Safety first! Then take additional shots of necessary props and merge all photos in post-production. Some poses may require supporting the baby from more than one part of their body, so that you have unobstructed body parts once the images are put together. The more complicated the position, the better off you will be taking posing safety and training courses. For the simplest, all you need for newborn composite photography is photo editing skills, composite techniques, and practice.


Natural Light Newborn Photography

One of the staple skills for every newborn photographer is knowing how to utilize natural light to create amazing baby photos. The natural light newborn photography idea is great for indoor and outdoor photography. 

It is also cost-effective and doesn’t require many technicalities to execute. Thus, all you need is your camera, the natural light in its full glory, and practice finding the perfect positions that allows it to shine on the baby’s face and body. There may be times when you could to use light modifiers to control the natural light to achieve the desired effect. This may be using reflectors, flags, gels, or other modifiers to change the look of the natural light. 


Flash Photography Newborn

Flash newborn photography is an alternative to natural light newborn photography, especially in a photo studio. However, there are still controversies about how safe it is for newborn photography. This includes built-in flashes, speed lights, LEDs, ring lights, etc.

To ensure safety and achieve an even aesthetically pleasing effect, you can use a light modifier—such as a softbox or an umbrella—to diffuse the harsh light. Also, keep your distance from the baby while pressing the shutter.


 Newborn Macro Photography

In newborn photography, it is always important to pay attention to details. This is what newborn macro photography entails: taking close-up images of newborn features that fade as a baby grows. This includes puffy cheeks, tiny hands, feet, button nose, pouty lips, hair, eyes, etc.

You can also use a macro lens or close-up filters to create such images. Most importantly, be free to explore different macro photography ideas for home shoots and studio sessions. 


Mom and Newborn Photography

Mothers value photo sessions with their babies because it allows them to create lasting memories with their little ones, which is why mom and newborn photography is so important. While you are photographing, building your portfolio, and making a living, you’re also capturing the joys of motherhood and helping to create these incredible memories that mothers can look back on.

Capturing such mother and child moments is a delight, even for you, the photographer. Every image of a mother and her newborn baby highlights their bond. From pregnancy to childbirth, a mother relishes holding her newborn baby in her arms.


Dad and Newborn Photography

Fatherhood is one of the defining periods for every man. What better way to capture it than in photos? The unique dad and newborn photography emphasize fatherhood in its purest form, depicting a father’s protectiveness, love, and the bond he shares with the little one.

Like mom and newborn photography, there are many ways to portray a father-child connection. You can concentrate on lifestyle newborn photography, which involves taking candid, casual shots of the baby and dad in their natural environment. Or you can focus on posed newborn photography, which involves using lovely backdrops or props and other artificial items.


Newborn Photography with Parents

A newborn photography session is incomplete without a group photo with the parents; it is, in fact, a necessity. It is also one of the most popular, creative family photography ideas to consider when taking family photos, especially for new parents. 

However, preparing for this kind of newborn photography is a little more complex, as you now cater to three people (or more on some rare occasions). You have an obligation to make the father(s), mother(s), and child stand out in every shot, depicting the true essence of family—unity.


Newborn Photography with Parents' Hands

Newborn images with parents’ hands are highly significant in every newborn photography collection. This pose also depicts parental bond, availability, and support. Like macro newborn photography, capturing a newborn with parents’ hands doesn’t require a lot of technical intervention, and you don’t need the parents’ faces.


Baby Girl Newborn Photography

  • Simple Full-Body Baby Girl Pose:  To do the simple full-body baby girl pose, lay the baby on her back while awake or asleep, half-wrapped or fully clothed. You can also get her to smile, chuckle, or sway her feet in the air if awake. Likewise, you can try a variety of angles with this pose. 
  • Baby Girl Womb Pose: This pose is similar to a baby’s position in the womb during pregnancy. Lay the baby on her back, and elevate her head with a pillow. Afterward, cross her legs, and place her hands on her chest. In any case, wrapping or clothing the baby should be the parents’ call.
  • Baby Girl Tummy Pose: You can take this simple, versatile pose from different angles and variations. Begin by safely laying the baby on her tummy while asleep, then use a soft pillow to elevate her head and position her hands under her chin to support the neck. Let her relax, then take your shots! 
  • Froggy Pose: The froggy pose is one of the most difficult newborn poses. Hence, you need to be cautious when posing the baby. Curl her legs underneath her stomach, and position both hands to cup her chin. Most importantly, use a prop or ask a parent to support her during the shoot.
  • Side-lying Pose: The side-lying pose is great for sleepy baby girls, as it portrays their innocence even with minimal effort. Lay the baby on her side, placing one hand underneath her head and the other on her jawline. Afterward, cross her legs or keep one on top of the other and click away.

Baby Boy Newborn Photography

  • Natural Expression Pose: Sometimes, a baby’s natural facial expression is all the pose you need to create an uncommon newborn photo for your clients. Put the fully-awake baby boy in a comfortable form while you take on the right angle and click away as the baby makes different natural facial expressions. Easy peasy.
  • Chin on Hands Pose: The chin-on-the-hands pose highlights the baby’s face and his round, chubby cheeks. However, you will need a spotter, a parent preferably—which you can remove virtually—for all your shots to guarantee the baby’s safety. Lay the baby on his tummy, and place his hands adjacent to each other under his chin. 
  • Bum Up Pose: This is similar to the baby-girl tummy pose. It requires the baby to lie on his stomach. However, you have to arch the baby boy’s back to showcase those cute baby fat rolls on his bum. You can also get beautiful angles from the side, top, or up close.
  • Swaddle Pose: Because babies can be wiggly, the swaddle pose is the perfect way to keep them in a position. Don’t worry; it is safe to wrap a newborn like in the photo above. Use a clean cloth to fully wrap around the baby, leaving his face out to enable proper respiration. 
  • Loosed Wrap Pose: There are many possibilities and variations with this pose. Like the swaddle pose, use a clean blanket to loosely cover the baby and place him on the back or the side. Whether the child is asleep or not, you can bring out his hands and legs to allow minimal movement. 

Newborn Twin Photography

  • Back Pose: Posing twins is a great way to display their individuality despite the obvious resemblance. They can dress in different or similar outfits. Lay them separately on their backs, with faces upward and bodies closely touching each other. You could also spice things up by joining their hands to portray togetherness.  
  • Sitting Together: This newborn twin photography pose may seem basic, but your approach can completely turn it around. Have the twins sit closely together, doing anything, then take your shots from different angles. This pose also works well for any twin newborn photoshoot—girl-girl, boy-boy, or girl-boy. Appearing in matching outfits is optional.
  • From a Bird’s Eye View Pose: The Bird’s Eye View Pose is a popular staple in newborn twins photography, irrespective of gender. All you need to do is place the twin in opposite positions, like in the image above. They can either face themselves or look upwards directly at the camera while you do your thing.  
  • Macro Twins Pose: Sometimes you need to leave aesthetically-pleasing props and focus on the tiny details. With this pose, you can get macro shots of the twins’ tiny features that change in size over time, such as the legs, hands, etc. You can also include the parents’ hand for extra support and class. 
  • Wrapped Pose: Wrap the twins with one blanket, leaving their heads and hands, and lay them on their backs in a box or basket. Note that you can’t control the expression of any one of them. All you need to do is ensure they are in comfortable positions and take your shots.

Newborn Photography Props and Poses

If you want to enhance your newborn photography, you’re looking in the right place. Below we will be exploring over 20 creative ways to use props and poses for your next newborn photography photoshoot. 

Props can help when posing is lacking in any photo shoot. So, we will explore some of those options, too. A cute blanket, onesie, or hat can make all the difference during your shoot.

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Website Templates for Newborn Photographers

Our easy-to-use templates can be personalized into thousands of different design iterations uniquely suited for your business.

Big images highlight the beauty of your work. Ideal for fine art portrait photography.

Feel the excitement and exhilaration as your dynamic images pop off the dark background of this template.


A modern design with a nod to vintage film photography makes this an ideal template for creative fine art portraiture.

Our new District template features bold fonts and a neutral palette designed to perfectly complement your photos. This template provides an ideal background for any photographer.

A unique carousel with character to showcase your work in minimalist frames that perfectly present your session types and specialized genres.

A striking gallery designed for universal, modern, well-arranged photography images.

After you perfectly capture life in the camera, show its many angles in this grid view design.

Let your images make a big statement in the space of a gorgeous single page site design.

Romantically tell the story of engagements, weddings, and maternity.

A striking template to capture powerful newborn photography.

A soft color palette and elegant script font are the perfect way to display romantic engagement and wedding photos.


The black canvas background sets the stage for high contrast photos while evoking a moody style.

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Make A Living

Create Your Online Newborn Photography Portfolio

Create your online newborn photography portfolio.

A portfolio website is the most important marketing material photographers can have to showcase their newborn photography skills online. Great portfolios with content that reflects your artistic style and personality will help you attract and book sessions with your ideal clients. Learn how to create an online portfolio for newborn photography and what critical information to include in the content. Creating a professional portfolio has never been easier.

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How to become a Professional Newborn Photographer

Not for the faint of heart, newborn photography poses a challenge that can directly impact your work: You’re unable to communicate with your subject. Having said that, newborn photography can also be extremely rewarding. Capturing images that parents will cherish for a lifetime and nailing your craft is critical to your success as a newborn photographer. 


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Learn It All

Newborn Photography Tips

Newborn photography is a rewarding, heart-melting, and sometimes challenging type of photography. You are capturing a monumental part of a family’s life and creating photographs that are going to live on in the family’s home and photo albums forever. For any photographer, or person looking to make the leap into newborn photography, then look no further. Zenfolio has developed a comprehensive list of tips for beginners that covers how to get started, what to ask clients, how to prepare and set up for a shoot, poses to use, detailed checklists, frequently asked questions, and so much more.

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Happy Baby, Happy Photoshoot

Keeping the baby happy through the photoshoot will be a make or break for the success of your session. It will also allow you to be the most productive. Being prepared and flexible in poses that match what the baby is doing is important – for example, if the baby is asleep you should do poses where the baby is able to sleep through or make the most of the moments when the baby is awake. Being smooth through transitions is always helpful too.


Keep The Baby Warm

Having a warmer on hand is one of the most important things for any newborn photographer to remember to have. Babies get cold easily and let’s face it, are so tiny, so thinking about ways to keep them at a comfortable temperature will set your photography session up for success. If you are in a super hot climate or a place that is already above normal temperature then this may not be something to concern yourself with, but anything room temperature for an adult should be kept warmer for the baby.


Capture Newborn Details

Here’s the thing, even the smallest details are incredibly cute when it comes to newborn photography. We’re talking about things like the chubby legs or crinkly skin on their toes and chin. Finding creative ways to show how tiny the baby is compared to its parents – like photographing hands over top of one another. Leaning into different macro photography shots with babies makes for beautiful photographs and ones that are a little bit outside the box.


Newborn Photography Safety

When it comes to newborn photography, safety is something that should not be overlooked or taken lightly. It’s important to remember that your subject can’t protect or speak up for themselves, so you have to think of things for them. You’ll want to ensure that any poses you put them in are safe for the baby and that you have the parents around as spotters or you are the spotter as the parents adjust.


Use Props in Newborn Photography

Using props in your photos can add to the creativity of them and the storytelling – it’s a great way to involve different seasons in which the baby was born (fall, summer, etc.) or different holidays. You can also just use them in cute ways or use props as a way to help put the baby in different poses. It is a good idea to just start collecting props, not focusing on a massive bulk buy, and you’ll build up a great collection.


Get The Siblings In There

As if newborn photography isn’t cute enough, try adding in their siblings and you will experience a cuteness overload. These pictures are so special in so many ways – they are great memories to have as a family and it is also very sweet to see the two siblings interact. Remember for this one that safety is really something to think about – especially if the sibling is quite young and can’t hold the newborn on their own. But don’t worry, you’ll still be able to find good ways to get them involved by setting them on beds or big chairs.


Use Natural Light

Lighting is key when it comes to setting up any photography session, including newborn baby photography. This will be a huge factor in the success of your photoshoot, as the lighting is really important in capturing the details and complexion of the baby. There are a myriad of lighting setups you could use to create beautiful and interesting newborn images. To make things easy, we’ve put together a handy diagram that outlines newborn photography natural lighting.

Top Newborn Photography Hashtags For 2023

If you are looking to put the cute in photography, baby photography is your answer. Photographing these little bundles of joy make for some pretty special moments in front of your lens. Baby photography falls under the category of family photography, with the larger focus on, you guessed it, the baby. Some photographers just have the magic touch when it comes to babies!

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Burrito Wrapped Babies

Having a baby wrapped up or swaddled is a classic pose for your baby photography repertoire. For this photo, use cute blankets and focus on the color themes you can create. Try to grab pictures with the baby’s eyes open and other ones where they are closed. And make sure to hashtag that perfectly swaddled bundle of joy.

#burritobaby #burritowrappedbaby #babyphotography #babyphotographer #burritobabybelly #swaddleburritobaby #motherhood #burritobabyphotography #swaddle #swaddledbaby #babyessentials #instababy #babyphotographyinsta #perfectbaby #burritobabies


Laughing Baby

For cuteness overload pictures, a laughing baby will be top of the list. Most times, you will need help from the parents to get the baby to laugh and get some great pictures, but sometimes these moments can sometimes come organically too. These pictures will bring lots of joy in a single photograph.

#babysmile #baby #babygirl #cutebaby #babyboy #babylove #babymodel #babyphotography #babyfashion #babysmiles #babies #babycute #babyclothes #babyphotoshoot #happybaby #babiesofinstagram #babylife #babylovers


Crying Baby

While taking a photo of a grown adult crying, usually isn’t what you want as a photographer (unless it is happy tears), when it comes to babies these photos can actually turn out well! A crying baby can simply be a showing of emotion, the photo can be taken while the baby is swaddled or being comforted in one of the parents’ arms. Crying baby photos can often be both cute and sometimes humorous.

#cryingbaby #baby #crying #babies #newborn #motherhood #babycrying #cryingbabies #cute #babycry #newmom #momlife #babymassage #hungrybaby #babyphotography #babiesofinstagram #newbaby



Photographs of moms breastfeeding their baby are a great way to empower moms and to help remove the stigma around breastfeeding. As people continue to normalize breastfeeding in public places or use breastfeeding as a way for moms to develop connections with their baby, photographs of breastfeeding come with a new level of importance. They can be intimate or empowering photographs.

#breastfeeding #breastmilk #motherhood #breastfeedingmom #momlife #newborn #postpartum #normalizebreastfeeding #maternity #lactation #breastfeedingmama #breastfeedingjourney #breastpump #breastfeedingsupport #babyshop #newmom #breastfedbaby


Baby At The Hospital

Sometimes, there are opportunities for you to be able to go inside the hospital after the mother has given birth and photograph these moments. Some mom’s will have a photographer capture the birth itself. These moments are precious and fleeting and truly an honor to be a part of, so be in the moment and be respectful as you photograph the first time the family meets their newborn.

#childbirth #labour #maternity #baby #maternityphotography #newborn #motherhood #maternityshoot #newbornphotography #momlife #maternityphotoshoot #breastfeeding #maternityphotographer #newbornphotographer #newlife


Baby Theme: Motherhood

Photos about motherhood can mean all kinds of things – from portrait photos of a mom with her baby, to you photographing the mom in her home or doing everyday tasks. Lots of times these photos can be real with emotion or showcase what it means to be a mama. You can personalize the hashtag to the vibe of the photo and also be sure to attach some popular motherhood hashtags.

#motherhood #momlife #baby #mom #parenthood #pregnancy #newborn #mother #motherhoodunplugged #momsofinstagram #mumlife #mama #babies #babiesofinstagram #momblogger #maternity #breastfeeding #babylove


Baby In A Basket

Baskets are a simple and effective prop to use in your next baby photography session. They leave room for a lot of creativity in the kind of photographs you take, allowing you to play with the colors of the blankets in the basket, pairing them with what the baby is wearing, or also, any other props that you choose to put around the basket. Having the baby in a basket also allows you to take stand-alone pictures of the baby.

#babyinabasket #babygift #newbornphotography #newborn #newbornphotographer #baby #babyphotography #newbornbaby #handwovenbasket #newbornprops #newbornphoto #newbornposing #basketbabies #newbornphotoshoot #babyphotoshoot


Kissing Babies

These include photographs of the mom kissing the baby, the dad kissing the baby, or both the parents kissing the baby. Kissing the nose and the forehead and those little cheeks! Kissing baby photographs should be aplenty. They are beautiful moments to capture between the baby and the parents, making for excellent photographs to share for your next social media post.

#babykiss #kissingbabies #baby #kiss #babyboy #babylove #babygirl #babyphotography #babycute #babies #momdadandbaby #babykisses #babylife #family #beautifulbaby


Baby & Siblings

Of course, sibling pictures are a staple in baby photography, when there are older siblings that is. Depending on how old the sibling will be will help you determine the kinds of pictures you are going to be able to take between the two. Make sure you be specific and hashtag things like #bigsister or #big brother in your caption.

#familyphotography #family #familyphotographer #littlebrother #littlesister #siblings #love #sister #sisters #brother #brothers #siblinglove #brotherandsister #sisterlove #familytime #brotherlove #siblingslove #brothersisterlove


Candid Baby Photographs

Candid photographs of the baby or the baby interacting with the parents can make for some special moments captured through your lens. You’ll have to have your camera at the ready to be able to catch these candid moments. Another good tip to help you photograph excellent candid baby moments is to make sure that the parents are comfortable with you and in front of your lens.

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Baby & Pets

Pets are often large parts of the family, so including them in your baby photoshoots is perfect. And of course, these photographs make for excellent social media posts. Everyone loves a baby and a cute dog. Try hash-tagging the type of dog and some more generic baby and puppy hashtags.

#dogsandbabies #dogs #babies #babiesanddogs #babiesofinstagram #dogsandkids #dogstagram #puppylove ##dogandbaby #babyanddog #pets #dogslife #cute #weeklyfluff #bestfriends #labrador #kidsanddogs #doglovers

Professional Newborn Photography Guide

If you want to spend your career around some of the most adorable subjects out there, becoming a newborn photographer just might be the job for you. It’s a photography niche that allows you to be a part of one of the most special times in your clients’ lives, and there are many ways you can get creative, have fun, and develop a signature style that will land you more gigs.

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Best Newborn Photography Cameras and Lenses, According to Baby Photographers

Newborn and baby photographers get to spend their days with some of the cutest subjects around, and the images they create are treasured by families for years to come. While that’s a wonderful way to make a living as a photographer, it’s also a pretty big responsibility. You want to make sure you have the best tools in the business to deliver professional, high-quality results.

Newborn and baby photographers reach for a range of different cameras and lenses, so we’ve created a roundup of options at different price points that you can trust to be up to the task of creating beautiful baby photos. We’ll also get into some of the equipment you’ll want to have on hand for your next newborn or baby photography shoot.

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Newborn Photography FAQ’s

What do you need for newborn photography?

Of course, you will need a camera and lens for newborn photography, sometimes multiple as you grow your business. You are also going to want to get a space heater to be able to keep the area warm for the baby. You’ll also want to have cozy props, like blankets, pillows, baskets, etc.

What lens is best for newborn photography? 

We recommend either a 50mm or 85mm lens for newborn photography. You can also use a 35mm lens, but this will give you a wider shot, meaning you’ll get more of the background in your final image. In addition, you will also likely want to invest in a good quality macro lens to help capture those extra special details that are so key to newborn photography. 

How do you get into newborn photography?

If you have a passion for family photography, newborns, kids in general, or portraits, then newborn photography could be great for you. Like any type of photography, to get into it you want to make sure that you have a passion for it, that you have the right equipment, that you gain experience, build your online portfolio, and that you begin building your clientele.

How do you practice newborn photography?

You’ll need to get out there and take baby pictures! Starting with your inner circle is a great place to start – if you know people who have small children, whether it is friends or family or close referrals. This is a great way to practice because you’ll already know the parents and can just focus on your newborn photography skills.

How do you learn newborn photography?

Preparation and practice are the two most important things when learning newborn photography. You are going to want to be prepared with the framework of what you are going to be doing, what you need, and the technical aspects of newborn photography. Then, of course, you need to get practicing! The best way to learn is by doing.

How much to charge for newborn photography

This is going to vary greatly depending on your experience, where you live, and what exactly you offer. In general, most newborn photographers charge somewhere between $100 and $300/hour. When starting out, we suggest starting at the lower end and working your way up as you gain experience. Don’t forget to keep in mind things like travel costs and editing when pricing your services.

What age is best for newborn photography?

Babies don’t stay in that newborn stage for long, so it’s important for parents to plan accordingly. While it isn’t always possible to predict the baby’s arrival accurately, in general, we want to aim to do a newborn shoot anywhere from 7-14 days after the baby’s arrival. If the baby arrives early, this can usually be pushed back because the baby will need that extra time to mature.

How do you market newborn photography?

The key to any successful marketing plan is to know who you’re speaking to. When you know your audience, you can create marketing materials that capture your target market’s attention and persuades them to purchase your newborn photography services. Some marketing ideas include email, social media, Google ads, word of mouth, and even content marketing if you want to start a blog.

What props do you need for newborn photography?

In some cases, you won’t need any props for newborn photography. Some parents prefer a minimalist and natural look. Having said that, babies almost always need to be posed. We recommend a beanbag and textured blanket for this. You may also want things like baskets, bassinets, and flowers on hand. 

How do you pose a newborn baby for photography?

Posing with a newborn is often about coziness and comfort, as well as showcasing the relationship with the parents. Newborns are often pretty sleepy, so setting up baby photoshoots with cozy blankets or baby props. You can play with a number of poses – ones with the baby sleeping in different ways and also candid ones of the baby in their home environment with the parents.


How do you wrap a newborn for a photoshoot?

When wrapping a newborn, you are going to want to swaddle the baby for ultimate comfort. Swaddling is a great technique for babies who are really young – like a few weeks old – as it usually keeps them very comfortable for your photographs. Learning to swaddle is a great skill for any newborn photographer and if you have questions about how just ask the parents.


How do you light newborn photography? 

Often the best lighting for newborns is natural light, both because this is the most flattering light for the baby’s skin and also because harsh studio lights can make the baby uncomfortable. Whether you are shooting in an indoor or outdoor space, be sure that there is ample natural lighting for your photoshoot.

How do you set up studio lighting for newborn photography?

While natural lighting is usually best, there will be times when you need to set up lighting to get the right shots. Whenever you are setting up studio lighting, you are going to need to make sure that the light source is coming from directly above the baby’s head and illuminates the face downward.

Which reflector should you buy for newborn photography?

Reflectors and diffusers are great for photography because they help filter or bounce natural light that you are using. When looking at newborn photography, you will often be going into people’s homes to photograph their newborns so having a small reflector that is portable is ideal. You can also play with getting different colors of reflectors – like gold, silver, white, etc. – to bounce different types of light.

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